My name is Christian Carrasco and I’m a senior at San Jose State University. I will graduate spring 2014 with a degree in journalism and a concentration in Radio, Television and Film (RTVF).

With my journalism experience paired with my extensive sports knowledge, I am beyond capable of performing anything put in front of me. Being a journalism student in the midst of massive change in the field and profession, many are worried whether they are qualified to attain a job upon graduation. Not this guy. During my studies at SJSU, I have developed my skills in all platforms from print media, radio, social media strategy and television.

Writing is not only a passion of mine, but something that comes easy. From being a staff writer for my high school and junior college newspaper, and now the Spartan Daily, I am confident in my journalistic abilities to depict whatever subject I’m covering. Couple that with communication skills and the unparalleled ability to relate, connect and gain trust with interviewees, my skill set is adaptable for radio, television or print journalism.

On this website your ears will be blessed by my irreverent opinions on sports, music, fashion and other entertainment currently discussed at the water cooler. (Seriously, who still talks at the water cooler?) Through my recently started “The Come-Up” podcast series hosted by yours truly, I will attempt to have well known guests from all walks of life including athletes, stand-up comics, and entertainers amongst others that feel pity for my show and me.

My “Come-Up” in this journalism game is inevitable. Enjoy the podcast and the site.

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